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Globalization and Anti-Globalization 2017-05-13 오후 5:09:00

The relationships between countries on this globe are getting closer nowadays. They influence each other more than they did so previously. This phenomenon is called ‘Globalization,’ and it has contributed to the development of nations. However, globalization has brought problems like global economic crisis, raising unemployment, and terrorism. As a result, recently, the new flow of ‘Anti-globalization’ is happening. In fact, Anti-globalization can be very risky because it might cause isolationism, extreme nationalism and extreme rightists (populism). Eventually, this will cause self-destruction. Then how can we solve this problem? The only method of solving Anti-globalization is actually in Globalization, because it can improve world economy and prevent violent political situations.
First of all, globalization is the only way to economic downturn caused by Anti-Globalization. When Globalization happens, free trade will be activated. Not only products but also culture is being imported and exported from certain countries. In a globalized world, world organizations such as WTO, OECD, or IMF will work together to activate economic cooperation between nations. This will eventually increase the productivity and efficiency of companies and lead to an improvement in world economy. Furthermore, globalization will bring an increase in the number of jobs and types of jobs because various cultures of different nations will be combined. Moreover, nations in a globalized world will help each other to improve the economical situation. Countries will export the surplus and import the shortage, making the profit equal for different countries.Secondly, globalization can solve the problem of political violence caused by Anti-Globalization. According to an analysis of terrorism, levels of terrorism between 1970 and 2010 indicated that levels of globalization affected the outbreaks of terrorism. Many countries in the Middle East and North Africa has suffered from both domestic and international terrorist activities. In addition, Anti-globalization made the threat of war more serious. When Anti-globalization happens, there’s no other options than extreme choices like war because countries will only thrive to achieve their own goals and work hard towards the benefits they want to get, and not care about neighboring countries at all. When globalization occurs, nations will work together for world peace and help each other towards the goal they want to achieve. As a result, they won't fight against each other. This is why Globalization, a 'give-and-take' society, is needed in order to prevent political violations in this world.
In conclusion, Globalization is the one and only solution to Anti-globalization. The economic downturn of Anti-globalization can paradoxically only be solved by Globalization because globalization contributes to making a wider range of job options and improves world economy. Also, political violence like terrorism that are caused by Anti-globalization can be reduced through Globalization, and a give-and-take world because nations will help each other rather than fight against each other.

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