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The world is changing at an exponential rate 2017-05-08 오후 8:19:00

The world is changing rapidly these days. Not only our society but also other countries, in other words, the whole world, is developing at a very fast rate. However, is this a beneficial phenomenon? In my opinion, this is not a good change. I think that people are less happy than they were in the past, in this quickly changing world because of the difficulty of getting used to the world and the gap of knowledge level.

First of all, in this quickly changing world, people will have trouble getting rid of the old customs and adjusting to the new environment. To be more specific, they will have to change their studying methods, eating habits and etc. because the education system as well as other social structures will change at an exponential rate. For example, if the education system changes the standards of evaluating students if they are educated enough to go to college, students who have put tremendous amount of effort into meeting the standards of the previous exams, will have trouble going to college. In addition, let's suppose that a well-known company, which is very popular among university students seeking for job opportunities, changes the way they pick the interns. People how have spent years to work there will have a hard time changing their resumes so that it is suitable for the new standards, and as a result be in a great confusion.

Secondly, there will be a massive flood of knowledge due to this quickly changing world. People will be in a completely chaotic situation since they will have to learn new things quickly, in order to get along well in this rapidly changing world. Eventually, there will be a gap of knowledge level between people who understand new things well and others who cannot manage to do so. For instance, let's say that a new mathematics equation have been announced by the mathmaticians and they said that it is essential to completely understand this new equation as fast as possible in order to get along in this world. Some people will have know idea what the new equation is about, while others who have learned concepts similar to that in the past will be able to get used to the new equation.

In conclusion, people are less happy than they were in the past in this quickly changing world because it is hard for them to get used to the new environment and at the same time get rid of the old customs. Moreover, the quickly changing world there might be a gap between people who acquire new knowledge fairly well, and others who find it hard to do so. Due to these two factors, people are less happy than they were in the past, in this quickly changing world.

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