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Growing Conflict in East Asia 2017-05-08 오전 2:01:00

Recently, the east asia is surrounded in a chaos. Korea, including North Korea, US, China, and Japan are in a conflict and it is increasing the range. The territorial conflict between China and Japan has been serious problem for many years. Plus, after the president Trump inaugurated, the US and China are in confrontation phase with the problem of East China Sea. Also, North Korea is continuously experimenting the missile launching adding the tension to the east asia conflict.

The US detached Carl Vinson to the east sea of Korea and started the ROK-US joint military exercise and this fact is inevitably being a big threat for the North Korea. This made North Korea show their resists by the missile launching experiments. It was obviously true that the main objective of the joint military exercise between the ROK and the US was pressure and warning toward the missile experiments of the North Korea and it can lead to a war between us and the North.

The pressure of the US was not only targeting the North Korea. Expertises explain this kind of attitude as an intention of wariness towards the international power expansion of China as it is developing lots of powerful military armament such as aicraft carriers with independent technologies. China stated their will to keep being steady at the position of ‘Big 2’ and this made the military tension between the US and the China worse than ever.

Japan is also trying to make the armed forces and strengthen them. Since Japan was a defeated nation of the second World War, it regulated on the constitution law to not have the army. However, in the situation of the tension among the east asia these days, Japan is trying to revise the law to have army in the country. It can blow up an international controversy since Japan was one of the countries which made disastrous pain in the human history, but the atmosphere seems that it is inevitable.

Thaad, which was set in Seongju, Korea, to counter the missiles from the North Korea, is raising the conflict between the ROK and China. Because of China’s successive revenge and their policies, our tourist businesses and korean wave is getting down and even the Korean companies are in a hardship. Recent east asia shows the reality of severe international relationships among many countries since each country does not hesitate to put pressure on others for their own benefits.

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