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This is miracle 2017-05-01 오후 7:10:00

In April 29, 2017 there was miracle game in Kiev, Ukraine.
The South Korean team won the final round of the World Championships in Group A of the international ice hockey cup which was held by International Skating Union.
By winning the match, the South Korean team was promoted to the first division and was able to participate in 16 countries in the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Korean team was played in the first division B group (third league) not long ago. The IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) argued this happen. `` It was an extremely exciting game. Korea has been elevated to the top division! ``
It was a tough match for Korea in this game. One of the best defender Eric Regan can`t play in this game because of Facial fracture. Other players also started game with medicine.
In the beginning of game, Korean shooter name Ahn JIn Hui goal at first in the game. But we allowed equalizer by our mistake. The balance of the score wasn`t change even 5 minutes extension was finished. So they played shoot out game like penalty shoot-out in soccer. The first Korean shooter
Michael Swift scored at first. After that our goal keeper Matt Dalton defended two continuous shoots. Finally, our third shooter name Shin Sang Hoon get final point and put a period of this game. International Federation said`` If Korea failed so easily in the Olympic, we can encounter in trouble. `` However, we proved our skills and mental strength through this game.
2018 Pyeongchang winter Olympic will be hotter.


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