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Entrance Exams 2017-03-11 오전 9:23:00

The start of June. Many people would say that it is the start of summer. It is true, but for students, it is a dreadful time of the year — the time for final exams. 91% of the students around the world claimed that they hated taking final exams. Some even thought that it was a waste of time. Students often find the subjects in tests hard, but they are not given another chance to learn what they don’t know. Entrance exams can be used to prevent these hardships. Entrance exams are used to test the students on previous terms. After entrance exams, teachers can understand what students don’t know well and teach those topics. Students can actually learn new things and expand their knowledge well.

Everyone wants what they see. They especially want something if it is something they have never seen or had before. And students can be given these new things: knowledge. Entrance exams test the students on previous terms, and when the results show that the students are weak in a certain part, teachers can focus more on that than other topics students excel at. By taking the entrance exams, students can see where they are as a learning person and show the teachers what they need. Entrance exams can lead to a brighter future.

Final exams more often than not cause stress. Students spend almost one week without sleep right before the exams, causing many more problems than stress. According to the Medical Care Center, students almost always receive stress before a test, especially when it is the final exam. They fear failure and mess up their body and mind. Instead of facing all these problems, students should rather take entrance exams.

Students sometimes don’t understand things that come out on the final exams. But because it is the end of the school year, they move on from what they don’t know. They have flaws in their expected knowledge. They shouldn’t. And the solution to this is entrance exams. Teachers can see what they are missing and try to mend their flaws. Entrance exams will prevent the problems final exams produce.

Final exams are a decent way to test how students learn what they are taught, but it is not the only way. Teachers can just look at their progress on a daily basis and know how well they do. Entrance exams, on the other hand, is a good way to know what the students are missing. It will help the teachers. By doing so, students will become ultimately the ideal learner, strong in every subject.

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