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How to Win the Drug War in The Philippines 2017-01-13 오후 5:15:00

Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines is trying to solve malicious problems which has been notable in the Philippines for a long time. His government promised supporting more money for education and solve poverty as family planning. Especially, he informed his rigid opinion by informing drug war with a speech "You may kill drug dealers immediately." And now, 6months after the inauguration, he still has a high approval rating.
Even though the rate has dwindled, he has high approval rating, because he reduced a number of drug dealers and users in the Philippines. Actually, 110thousand drug dealers and users turned themselves in to the police, 3thousand arrested, and 200killed in three weeks after the day he inaugurated. With this kind of way, drug dealers and users has reduced. And I reckon accessibility toward drugs will reduce. However, even though people in the Philippines approve this way and it is effective, this way has several problems, thus Duterete needs to stop these extreme policy such as shoot to kill.
Firstly, his policy goes against humanity. It has been pointed out by international society. It is cruel to kill one without at least simple trial. Some people say that "̈Human rights for criminals are extravagance", "To save good people, these extreme policy is unavoidable"̈. But every people has human rights and we can't offend it. We can maintain a good democratic state only when the human rights are protected. We must not forget human has at least rights even though they are criminals.
Secondly, a summary execution is abusable. Killing people without trial at night can be the way that government power removes people. You may not believe, but long time ago in Korea, two young men arrested for participating a pro-democracy movement, and they were killed after a simple trial and this case had been covered up for a long time. In the Philippines, they even don't need trial to kill people. These extreme policy in the Philippines could be abused by not only government power, but also by citizens.
Lastly, mostly, people who are called 'criminals who don't even need human rights' are poor. Killing people who sell drugs for living, and who are overdosed is not a way to solve the root cause. The number of drug users and dealers may reduce under these extreme policy, but when Duterte retires or stop the extreme policy, drug problems would go back to the beginning. Therefor, it is better to solve the root cause such as poverty and low life quality, and focus on preventive discipline and rehabilitation.
We learned from history, ruling oppressively and violently ends up unsuccessfully. I think president Duterte needs to change the way he express his love for the people in the Philippines.

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