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Adults' problem 2016-11-30 오후 8:36:00

There are some questions for kids or teenagers when adults are paradoxical. In my case, adults around me are paradoxical. First, when I was young my parents were sharing happiness when I told them my dream. At first, they said nothing is problem if I have dreams but then, they got mad cause I did nothing but living like corpse. I admit that I didn't do anything for my dream but I thought I could still enjoy my life cause I'm young. Two years ago I went to Philippines to have my own time. But, I was watched from everywhere since to them, I was source of money. Everyone there said my fault behind me. Then I realized that I wasn't studying. So my parents moved to another homestay(domitory). Actually I am sure that I'm not that smart cause even though I tried my best, first five or six months, I was left to study more until two(twilight) sometimes. I faked myself with abomination. The director was ADHD, his wife was a slave of money, their daughter was a princess and their son was prince. I lived for people who has fantasy with me. Korea was full of sins. Adults blamed one another. My only wish is I want to keep my simplicity. My heart was broken. I want to live in my UTOPIA with all the children.

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