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Social Supermarket 2016-11-22 오전 12:43:00

On one side of the world, there are people who eat whatever they want to eat. They go to the supermarket to buy food for every meal and of course they leave food waste. However, on the other side of the earth, there are people who live in poverty. They are short of money that they end up in food poverty. In South England, there is a social supermarket that practices reducing food waste and corrects social justice by combining company's social responsibility with an innovative business model.

The idea of the‘Social Supermarket’ first started in South England. Since the 2008 financial crisis, it has been gaining popularity in Europe. The social supermarket receives products that are wrong-labeled, wrong-wrapped and food or daily supplies that are not sold due to overproduction by several large companies. Then they sell these products 70 percent discounted from the fixed price. The products are absolutely fine to eat and they do not deal with products which pasted sell-by dates and favorite food like cigarette and alcohol.

The markets are made in communities which are concentrated with the poor strata. To reduce the influences to surrounding companies, the social supermarket is restricting the number of members who can use the market. To be eligible to shop here, people must live locally, receive income support and agreed to receive training. When people have finished shopping, they can go upstairs to the training rooms directly above the shop. Initially they get a four week period of training to get help with job skills and build self-confidence. And then after that they get more tailored training to help them deal with debt and money management. For the end result people are expected to get back into work and not need social supermarket anymore.

It is a good example of how communication, society, environment and welfare mixed well together.

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