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Emotion 2016-09-22 오후 10:51:00

This is the worst thing that human-being owns. It could be either gift or curse. This is advantage of animals. Angers,sympathy,madness are part of this. Many people mess up their work because of this. It's emotion. In my belief this is some kind of instinct. Because of this, humans can be subjective. They give money to begger. Think about it. It's not their fault that beggers are poor, but they still give money because of sympathy. Giving money for free is bad. If you give money, the one who receives money get to bow down his/her head. If you still wants to give money, think this way. It's impossible that they were poor when they are kids. Humans can be poor or not. it's not your fault that they are poor. They should have studied hard. For advantage, humans can protect their own human right.

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