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Sport Interim closing. 2016-07-07 오후 6:11:00

Final term season is getting closer.
Oh summer season come back-!
First, 2016 UEFA Football Championship in France is started.
Only 4 team is survive and in July 7,
Portugal and Whales will crash each other. In July 8, France and Germany will explode. We need too many chickens to watch it all. However it's not at all. Second, Copa America Sentnario was ending.
Chile was victory.
Final round with Argentina is so intensity game. Penalty shootout was amazing.
Feel something wanting,
Lionel Messi missed his shoot. Anyway, what happening with baseball league?
First, Korean league's food chain was change. Lions were ruin and bears were grown by plant-eating animals.
However, hyenas are hungry so lot.
Abstraction will be crisis. They made this league funnier.

A lot of chickens are sacrificed by baseball fan again.
Third, Rio Olympic is coming too.
South Korea participate 22 events, 194 players. The most exciting event is fencing. In 2012 London Olympic, Korea award 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 3 bronze medal. Generally,
Europe is powerful at fencing. However, London was different.
This Olympic schedule will the tragedy days to chickens. Let's enjoy summer with cool sport schedule

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