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Yancheng Tornado 2016-06-24 오후 2:08:00

On June 23rd, which was on a Thursday, a fierce tornado destroyed an eastern Chinese city. It killed 98 and damaged 800 people, and it catapulted cars, trees, and cell phone towers to the air. Houses of many became ashes, and many were found homeless.

This storm, which began around 2:30 P.M., was for Yancheng, with 7.1 million Chinese people living there. The storm, incoming from the Yellow Sea left debris along its way. The tornado stormed on within a blink of an eye. The tornado destroyed thousands of homes and stores, as well as several plants and rice mills. The roofs were all blown apart, and bricks were falling as houses collapsed.

Yancheng was in for another disaster after the tornado, as if it was an aftereffect. Casualties of the storm was overwhelming, and people rushed inside the rubble of the tornado for their belongings. The media rushed around the city, trying to interview those who were injured and those who lost a family member.

The tornado that struck Yancheng was particularly violent, and the effect of the tornado led to more chaos.

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