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Heavy snow stroke the earth! 2016-01-27 오전 12:53:00

For more than a week, heavy snow has stoke the earth with heavy wind. This time snow is not just 'snow' but also contains many meanings. From now on, I would like to introduce you those meanings.
First, it was a exceptionally heavy snow in many areas around the world. For example, in Minesota, USA, the temperature has checked to be under 20 degrees celsius. Because of this situation, the AP said that there will be a cold wave warning in this area by January 19th. Not just Minesota, but also the heavy snow stoke Japan. According to Tokyo communication, there were about 260 injured people because of the sliding accident around pacific ocean, and 50 of them were injured in Tokyo. Because of this sudden snow, Shinkansen has slow-downed and some of rail was stopped running and many citizens have inconvenience. Also, more than 200 airplane was canceled due to the heavy snow.
Second, it was a very serious problem for the Syria refugees. After escaping from Syria, refugees are traveling to European countries. During this traveling, because of heavy snow and low temperature, many refugees are dead or injured. According to Sabahu, Turkey newspaper, one child which is 4 months old has died because of the low body temperature. His father said that he couldn't find fuel to warm up his tent. He also said that "We escaped from Syria to live but we are fighting with cold to live now.". Not just low temperature, but also because of strong wind many people are dying. At southern sea of Turkey, there are many boat overturn accident because of the strong wind. the press said that the dead has numbered to be 34. There are more than 25 million people from Syria, but just 10% of them can live in the refugee camp. So EU and Turkey have announced that they will supply 3 billion euro to build refugee camp.
Third, in Korea, there are also many things happen by the snow. Jeju is one of the heaviest-snowed area in Korea. Because of heavy snow, most of airplanes were canceled in Jeju airport. Because of this, about 90,000 people were bended at the airport. Many people had to sleep on the floor of airport, and they bought food at nearby supermarket. Because of this, nearby supermarket has sold most of their foods. To solve this problem, there has been additional plane flying from 26th. Actually, the situation has reached the 'slot', which is the most plane flying situation. Not just people, but also economy will be troubled because of this situation. Because of heavy snow and low degree, most of vegetables and fruits price have increased a lot - including cabbage, potato, apple. This is a serious problem because there will be a new year's day just after few weeks.
To conclude, because of heavy snow all around the world, there are so many problems happening. I just hope that these problems can be solved in short time so many people can become happy!

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