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How Do Chinese People Care For Their Health? 2016-01-23 오전 1:20:00

The daily lives of people in China are quite different from ours. Though some aspects may seem strange, many things the Chinese do are wise actions that do good to their health.

1. Outdoor Exercises for Everyone: GuangChangWu

In many parks and empty lots, there are often groups of people, old and young, exercising to music. This can be seen in almost any neighborhood, and as it is often done in squares, the activity is called “GuangChangWu(广场舞)” (GuangChang广场: square, Wu舞: dance). People prepare a large speaker with some songs and gather up voluntarily to do the exercises every day (when it is not raining), usually in the morning or in the evening after dinnertime. The experienced ones take the lead and teach everybody the moves, which include arm exercises, waist exercises, walking and many more. Zhong MeiYing(80) and Wu ZhiRong(79), who have been participating for two years and three years each, say that “Exercising helps us release our stress,” and a lady in her 40s comments, “It is good to move your body and exercise once in a while.”

And it is indeed true that GuangChangWu is beneficial to our health. It is said that the activity strengthens our bones and thus prevents osteoporosis; it also helps with skin improvement, enhancing sleep quality, and losing weight.

2. In Schools: Eye Exercises and Daily Physical Jerks

Eye exercises, in which people massage around their eyes to music, started in Beijing in the 1960s. It helps improve circulation in our eyes and rids of intension and spasm. Schools in China are now providing all schools with time and music for eye exercises, once or twice a day before class time.

In addition, there are daily exercises in Chinese schools. Every day, students do exercises one or two sets of exercises, each session three to four minutes long. This lets the brain rest and relaxes the muscles; it improves cardio pulmonary functions and boosts blood circulation as well, providing oxygen to different parts of the body and enhancing the function of each organ.

3. Warm Water, Always!

Unlike people in many countries who prefer cold water at all times, the Chinese drink warm water even during the summer. As the Chinese saying goes, “One cup of warm water in the morning keeps you from regretting after getting old,” warm water is considered in Traditional Chinese Medicine to be good for our bodies in a number of ways: it helps with blood circulation, as well as digestion, evacuation and detoxification in our bodies. Warm water is also known to be good for our livers, strengthening the organ and preventing related diseases. So people often carry warm water or tea to work; taxi drivers are usually seen with a big bottle of warm tea beside their seats. Furthermore, a lot of Chinese people avoid eating cold fruits. They like to keep them outside of their refrigerators, even watermelons on a hot summer day!

4. No Tangerines for Cold Sufferers?

Tangerines are very nutritious fruits; three tangerines contain a whole day’s worth of Vitamin C. It is often said that Vitamins are good medicine for the common cold, but The Chinese believe that people suffering from the cold should avoid tangerines. As doctors explain, “Tangerines can cause fever and phlegm. What stops coughs and reduces phlegm is tangerine peel.” Thus, experts suggest eating tangerine to people who have caught a cold, but advise against eating tangerine to people with fever.

As we can see, the Chinese are taking great care of their health by taking some good habits into action and following small, helpful rules--and we can, too. Let us learn from their wisdom and enjoy a healthier, happier life!

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