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The Reunified Korea and City Development 2015-10-31 오후 11:59:00

The Reunified Korea and City Development

70 years have passed since the South and North Korea divided. The two countries show wide disparity in cultural, social, ideological aspects based on each country’s different standard of living. Reuniting two countries would be an arduous journey. To build a successful country, the reunified Korea’s goal should be focused on narrowing economical gap between North and South steadily. Many schoalrs stress the importance of city development. Under the government’s effort, developing the major cities of North into megacity would solve various existing problems of North such as poverty, lack of infrastructure, low diffusion ratio of house, as well as activiate exchange and cooperation with South.

Megacity is a very large city with a population of over 10 million people. Constructing megacities brings three main benefits to North Korea. First, megacity contributes to systematic regional development of North. Second, it acceraltes the economic growth of a country. Third, concentrated investment of a megaciy have a ripple effect on the surrounding satellite cities.

The exisiting three regions of north are optimized for contructing megacities. Sinuiju and Cheongjin, both situated at the border of peninsula, have enomous possibility of becoming a global trading port. As the port hinterland, Sinuiju and Cheongjin could activate international trade, particularly with Russia and China. Moreover, the port megacity can provide industrial site which decreases the logistical cost and increases the industrial productivity. Construction of megacity with the advanced transportation system could proceed the distribution facillitation and efficiency which lead to the extension and mutual intercharge of regional economy.

The second part is Pyongyang, Nampo, Haeju, where most of the population of North reside. As the major industry of the three cities are electronic electricity, textile and oil industry, the possibility of developing these cities as the cultural and educational center of north is high. By enforcing cultural enterprises such as holding various cultural festival and improving many aritistic streets of North, cultural national identity could be enhanced. Moreover, the development of educational megacity contribute to uprate citizen’s quility of life and labor environment. The overall improvement in education partly solve the unemployment problem and development vauluable human resources.

The third part is Hamhung and Wonsan, the major manufacturing area of North. As many other countries do, industrial development is closly related to the national economy. Using the rare resouces of the North, such as the anthracite, rare earth resources, magnecite and etc, the manufacturing city can secure national competitiveness in economical asspecct. Also establishing technical school and professional engineering education could create various jobs and industry enterprises.

But much people are oppoisng the idea of building a central megacity, concerning the side effect which might occur. For instance, Seoul, the captial of South Korea, now faces overpopulation, environmental destruction and other serious social problems which are the result of rapid urbanization. However, for the case of reunited Korea, result is not the same. Since the idea of building an ecocity are fully under a discussion and construction of satellite city are currently underway, the further developments are expected to alliviate the existing problems and have little side effect to the development of North. Mentioned in the aritcle “Think Again, Megacities” by Kalan, the recent data shows that as bigger the urban areas get, lower the growth rate of the emission become. Moreover, the perceivable economic benefit megacity could give are indispensable. McKinsey has estimated that it is 30 to 50 percent cheaper to provide fundamentals like housing, water and education in populated urban ares than it is in rural ones. As housing problems and lack of infrastructure are the most serious problems of North, the merits megacity provides are necessary.

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