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Remove The Wars in Mind 2015-10-31 오전 9:47:00

Let's say we are all in June 25th, 2040. “Chick, chick, pock, pock” The train is jolting heavily, and shaking of it is followed by the beat of my heart. As time goes by, the train is on the Pyongyang Street which is in my grandfather's home town. Hurrah! Finally North and South Korea had a unification in 2035, and in 2040, we have a train to go there.

Back to June 25th, 1950, starting with the invasion from the north, the horrible Korean War had begun. And it did not end, but called a truce. It means that we do not know when the war resume, and we are still in danger. However, most terribly, it gave us the sorrow of the loss. Can you imagine the situation that your mother, father, sister or brother (or all of them) died just because of the war? They are all that you loved most.

To understand the separated families' sorrow more, I interviewed my father(Young Ho Lim) about his father, who was from North Korea. (It means that my grandfather was from North Korea, and he became alone when he came to South Korea.) First, I asked that "Where is your father's home and how his family is composed?" He said, "Your grandfather, I mean, my father's home is in South Pyeongan Province, which is in North Korea. He was the second among five sons and two daughters." After the first question, I started to ask about my grandfather's migration to South Korea. "What was the purpose of your father's moving south?" And my father answered, "He went to South Korea to study in Seoul. Also he left his home with his father at first, not alone!" Third, I asked "How did he become alone even though he was with his father?" And he said "When he and his father was in a big marketplace with the crowd, they were separated. However, he and his father decided differently. He decided to wait his father in the market, while his father decided to go home, thinking his son would go back home because his son knows the way to go home. Unfortunately, right after that situation, the 38th parallel was formed and divided everything. After that, they have never met each other." Wiping my moist eyes, I continued to ask. "How much did he miss his family and home?" Wiping his eyes too, he said, "When Korean holidays come, he always looked toward the north where his family might be. On those days, he told me a lot of stories about his life in North Korea." Final question was "what would you like to do after the unification?" He answered lost in thoughts, "I would like to do what my north family has wanted and hoped. Like going to school, church, or anything they want. That would be the things that they haven't done before in North Korea." Doing what they want was the main idea of his saying. However, as we already know, it is never easy. We are one race, but so much time has passed without meeting. It made big gap between us, and as a result, our unification may bring about a big chaos.

Yet, it is just a moment. what is important is only 'our behavior and mind after the unification'. If you think the war will finally come to an end when unification is made between South and North Korea, then that is wrong. We could still have wars in mind: The war that the differences may bring about, and the war that the awkwardness may bring about. whether the war is small or not, most importantly and actually, our effort to remove the wars in mind is the only starting point of a complete unification.

John F. Kennedy said, "Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind." Removing the wars in my mind is the only, and the first way to protect our harmony.

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