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What is your purpose? 2015-09-29 오후 5:51:00

You heard some bad drugs news in the sports?
Now I would you like to introduce about sport drugs.
First, what is drugs mean? Anybody mustn`t eat it. Someday, we heard a sport player eat drugs and
have a penalty. Let`s research about super bad drugs
effects and their names. Homerun king Barry Bonds
use this drug. It`s steroid which cause cardiovascular
sequelae. It can cause strong power, but when you
banned it, your strength is lower than before eat it.
Next, focus reinforcing agent causes better focus ability. Also it cause disabling illness and overdose.
Finally, special painkiller is one of the sports drugs.
It causes painkill and focus reinforcing agent.
When you eat it, your bones and muscles so weaker.
You can see this so bad drugs. You must not eat it.
Someday, your honor and money is disappear suddenly.

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