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The Earth is thirsty because of drought. 2015-07-29 오전 11:43:00

The regions that suffer from drought all over the world are increasing. Especially western area of US, Indonesia, India and Pakistan are suffering from an extreme drought.
For example, since an intense drought has been lasting for four years in California, its governor commanded citizens to save water. He commanded citizens to remove 4,650,000m2 of lawn grass which is as big as 650 soccer stadiums, because lawn grass is the first element to be regulated that is occupying 57% of water consumption in US houses.
Also, the governor of Puerto Rico obliged 75 dollars to residents who violate the water saving regulation like watering lawn grass or cleaning car in the afternoon. For another example, the agriculture producation rate was highly decreased in Indonesia where people are suffering not only from drought but also from heat wave. Moreover heat wave (50℃) melted asphalts and made over 2,000 casualties. In addition, heat wave (40℃) made 1,200 casualties and 55,000 heat stroke patients.
The main reason for these sufferings is El Nino. El Nino is the phenomenon that the ocean temperature of Peru and Ecuador coast line near the equator becomes higher thant the average ocean temperature. It was named after baby Jesus which is El Nino in Spanish since this phenomenon usually occurs during Christmas seasons.

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