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House of Sharing for Comfort Women 2015-06-08 오전 12:36:00

On June 6th, which is Memorial Day, this reporter visited ‘House of Sharing’. It is located in Toechon-myeon, Gwangju-si where I live. House of Sharing is a facility to support comfort women. I wanted to interview the women, but it was impossible to meet them because of MERS. Instead of the interview, I met an assistant administrator named Hyo Jung Kim. I asked her many things about House of Sharing and comfort women.
In the yard of the house, there are many busts of comfort women who are already passed away. The white lines on their necks are the necklaces which were made by volunteer staffs. Since the wind meddled the necklaces, I straightened them, thinking I am making their necklaces again.
In House of Sharing, there are 11 comfort women among 52 women in the whole country. Their average age is 90, and there are only 2-3 people who can take a walk. Therefore, they are really careful with the women’s health, having a staying nurse. Sometimes the doctors come to see the comfort women.
The reason that week grandmothers go to Japan embassy every Wednesday is just to get their apology. When the grandmothers were pretty little girls, Japan caught them by lying and force. (Almost the girls who were caught was from Gyeongsang-do, because the traffic was great to carry the hundreds of thousands of young girls.) They stole so many beautiful girls' life. And they never apologize. THE WOMEN JUST WANT TO HEAR THEIR APOLOGY.
Recently, a lot of singers are releasing songs which are singing the grandmothers’ sorrow. Especially the song that we can listen from the first page of the site of ‘House of Sharing’, is ‘The girl and a flower’ by DOSICROCK BAND. When people download this song, all the costs will go to comfort women. You can listen to the music from here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThQZHbbEEj4
On the one hand, the new argument is saying that since we have Memorial Day to be thankful for the death for our nation, we must have Comfort Day to comfort the grandmothers who still did not get any apology.
For more specific and professional information, visit the homepage of ‘House of Sharing’. http://www.nanum.org/

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