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Dok-do is our land 2013-03-02 오후 10:01:00

Japan is persisting that Dok-do is Japan's land. In 3/1, Japan send a mail to Dok-do's love Campain. In it, there was a CD with Rok band's new song in Japan.
Japan 's this attack gave us a big dammage for Koreans live in dok-do. Japan is persisting in many ways; First, they mark Dok-do in their land in mapin world by power(very surely, they mark it at map from Japan). Second, they rip and stamp national flag for Korea. Third, they put that Dok-do is their land in textbook.
Dok-do's love campain is planning about accusing Japan government to police or prosecution.
Anyway, Saying Dok-do is Japan's land also in sad holiday gaved dammage and disappointing about Korean.

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