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Pitch Perfect 2 2015-05-31 오전 11:42:00

Pitch Perfect 2
The Barden Bellas are back! The sequel to Pitch Perfect 1 that was released in theatres in 2012 is finally out. It was released by Universal Pictures on May 15, 2015. After waiting for three years, fans of Pitch Perfect 1 can finally head to the theatres to watch the next story.

Two years ago, I’m sure you’ve heard the phenomenon regarding Pitch Perfect 1! The film surprised the world with its outstanding remixes of songs and became the world’s highest grossing music comedy film! In just five days, the film generally received positive reviews and grossed over $198 million, which surpasses the total revenue of the original film.

This time Barden Bellas, a female a cappella singing group, come together to perform at the Lincoln center, in front of the President. However, they get humiliated for not showing their full potential and get taken out of the Aca-circuit. In order to regain their status and make up for the humiliation, they take up a challenge to win at an international competition, which is an almost impossible task. No american team has ever won at the international competition of a capella. The Barden Bellas take a bigger step to accomplish this goal and their teamwork and love for each other will surely touch the hearts of some of you.

The movie was released in Korea on May 28th, so head to the theatres if you don’t want to miss out from listening to the best harmonies a cappella can inspire you with!

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