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Right now, what are you doing? 2015-05-17 오후 8:35:00

Do you know that the Earth is sick because of greenhouse gases and climate change resulting some places flooded while you are using your smartphone, chatting with your friends, or playing a video game? Coal containing carbon combining heat and pressure is occupying 40% of electric power in the world because of its abundance and cheapness. During mining, it pollutes groundwater or surface water, it causes the destruction of ozone, smog and acid rain when it is used as energy sources. Therefore it works as the main reason of Global Warming when it is burnt producing CO2, NO2, or Methane gas. Also coal causes fine dust. Find dust arouses stroke, heart disease, respiratory disease, and lung cancer. 30% of energy that Korea consumes is using coal and there are over 50 thermal power plant using coal and 13 power plants will be constructed by 2021. Eventually, like in vicious circle, the more we use coal, the more the Earth suffers, the more fine dust is produced, and the more we suffer too. Don't we want to do our best in order to give a blue and beautiful Earth to people in the future.

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