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Killer Robot 2015-05-09 오후 10:07:00

< Why We Should Stop Killer Robot >
Consistently, United States and Russia have been putting a lot of effort on developing ‘killer robot’ which is known as a robot that once it has been activated, can select and engage targets without further intervention by a human operator. The purpose of the United States effort on developing this dangerous robot comes from their concern to retain manpower which is crucial in consolidating social bases. Also, killer robot can minimize the damage of national conflicts. Because of this two and many other benefits, United States has been emphasizing studying killer robot by using social contents especially movies. Marvel series movies are famous content in United States where all ages are enthusiastic about them and dream of the amazing robots introduced inside the movie. Throughout the Marvel series, killer robot’s image is so powerful and valuable that it can solve any danger you face and win over the evil. Although the United States has shown many idealistic future of using killer robot, most of the other countries show negative views about this robot. We can organize the thought of these people into 3 main points.
First, the killer robot can encroach human sovereignty. As it is impossible to manipulate it after operated, the initiative of the machine is on the killer robot itself. This robot's autonomic behavior can be very fatal to humans because it can mean that there are great possibility of robots attaking humans. Having much intelligence as humans, killer robot can backfire for excessively using them or disregarding their value easily. These scenes were actually treated on the story of Marvel series but the story ended with humans winning over the robots and learning a lesson from them.
Second, there’s a serious ethical problem about a robot killing a great number of people. Scientists' purpose of developing robot is based on the idea of making more convenient and developed life for the humans. By making the killer robot, the original purpose of advancing robot technology distorts into threatening someone’s life. These fallacious happening will lead to violating human dignity. With lots of people being killed by non living thing, the values of human life will be easily ignored, making chaos about importance of life.
Third , making killer robot threatens to destabilize strategic security. The using of killer robot will have various significances from beneficial manpower to fatal damage of human. Developing killer robot is contradictory actions for United States because the U.S claims denuclearization throughout the world. As nuclear weapons become menacing objects to humans, developing killer robots would mean making another harmful objects to Earth.

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