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Why the World Should Take Restorative Actions 2015-05-02 오후 11:57:00

As many nation negotiate with each other it is inevitable to face many small and big diplomatic challenges. The way we treat these difficulties determines future relationship between countries and stability of world peace. Having many horrifying terrors recently have made the world to pay deeper attention on world peace more
seriously than ever. With Untied States strongly suggesting military correspondence to recent terror, many nations are showing their stances to fight back the crazy terrorists. But some scholars are presenting opposition to military correspondence.
First of all, they insist retributive actions will not approach the basic cause of trouble. Retributive actions are just temporal expedients to shocking terrorism and coercive actions to get submission from rebellious group. Suppressive resist can only arouse revengeful emotions and incite planning the next crazy terror. The best
example of side effect of retributive actions can be seen through the result of American-Afghanistan war. America shown retributive actions toward Afghanistan to remove the Taliban gaining power over the area. But the worse followed, the strength of Taliban grew and the continent of Afghanistan is believed to be used as the
foothold of terror. This incident means that the retributive actions are not suitable to solve the problem and prevent further damage.
Secondly, the war incur high rate of civilian casualties. Punishing the criminals who threatened the world peace is reasonable and necessary process. But when going through this process, there needs to be no needless lost of people. To again use the war between America and Afghanistan, between 18,000 and 20,000 Afghan civilians were being killed during the war. Also the World War 2 has made irrevocable effects on the Japan and more than 7hundred fatality and 13hundred injured people. As we can see from the results of wars, the war leaves both joy of
defeating the bad guys instantly and sorrow of missing the innocent people. It is worth little to see so much casualty for suppressing the valueless temporarily. The world should look for better solutions to deal the defiant group.
As we can see from above, retroactive actions are just fragmentary solution to the problem. If the world do have strong will to solve the problem and save the poor civilians, they should take restorative actions and try to communicate with the rebellions. Leading the world to war means nothing but a useless sacrifices and waste of money.

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