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The 18th Gwangju Royal Ceremic Festival 2015-04-25 오후 3:41:00

April 24th through May 17th, 2015, The 18th Gwangju Royal Ceremic Festival is held in Gonjiam Ceramic Park in Gwangju-si Gyeonggi-do. And The Opening Ceremony was held on Aprill 24th, starting at pm 5. After the dinner, the Opening Ceremony had celebration performance. Gyeonggi Governor Nam Kyung-pil, Gwangju Mayor Cho Eok-dong, and Lawmaker Roh Chul-rae attended for the opening ceremony, too.
The festival will have enteresting performances and various programs that many families and foreigners can enjoy. In Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale which is held on same day, people can enjoy high qualiity ceramic decorations.
People can participate making potteries by their hand, and a lot of soil activities. Also there are many programs such as 'Firing on Traditional Kilns', 'Cooking Cookies', 'Drawing Pottery', and 'Nail Art'.
Gonjiam Ceramic Park will also have various performances and events. In 'Ceremic Show', there will be many singers' live performance, dance performance, an ocarina, guitar and sax recital.
Specially on Children's Day, there will be bubble show, magic show, puppet show, and traditional activities. And on Together Day, various countries' traditional dance, play, and food will be there too.
The entrance fee of The 18th Gwangju Royal Ceramic Festival is free, and entry fee is need to be prepared. You can call at (Gwangju City Hall) 031-760-2104 for more specific information.

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