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ISIS burns Jordanian pilot alive 2015-02-09 오후 9:23:00

Jordanian pilot, Muath Al- Kassasbeh was burned alive by ISIS. He was captured by ISIS in December after his fighter jet crashed. He was not given food for 5 days and was finally burned alive. With the process of the pilot burning to death filmed, he was soaked with petrol and set on fire in a cage. This video happened to be filmed about a month ago, which proves that he was already executed a month ago. The video was first open to public after the ISIS posted the video on Youtube on 2/3/14. There is an ongoing debate on why the ISIS chose to kill the POW so inhumanely. They could’ve beheaded or executed him, but why did they choose to burn him alive? Is this part of a plan of theirs? With the video floating around the internet, both the Jordan government and President Obama condemned the militant group, saying that the militant group is vicious and inhumane.
This video is causing much mayhem and commotion around the world. Although not recommended, go and watch the video and check out how cruel and vicious the killing was, it will be difficult to just stay still

아시아 퍼시픽 국제외국인학교
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