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Seriousness of Knowing about Korean War 2013-06-30 오후 8:15:00

Do you know when the Korea war did outbreak? Most of people don’t know exactly. Also, they don’t know who invaded first. Some people made an investigation about how many people know the word “invasion of South Korea(남침).” However, 69 percent of them know oppositely. People understand the word “invasion of South Korea(남침)” means “invasion of North Korea(북침).” Even though people know who invaded first, they know the word not correctly. People are confused on the meaning of word. There is a problem of the word.

On 25th June, when we look the apartment veranda, there are not that much Korean flag. Every person knows that they have to hang the flag, but they don’t hang the flag. It’s hard to practice.

Our country has to make many programs to advertise Korean War and tell them about the Korea. I believe that making programs such as campaigns, advertisement, etc. will protect our country from North Korea.

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