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Do we have to adopt English as our second language 2013-06-21 오전 8:19:00

A lot of people are now learning English. Even kindarteners are learning English. English became the most important part in education. So, do we have to adopt English as our second language? I believe we have to.

First of all, people can save money and time. Parents use money and time to find academies and put their children in academies. Some academies require a lot of money. The most important academy what parents think is English academy. They believe that English is the most important language that the children have to know because most people in the world use English. But if the English is adopted as a second official language, children wouldn’t have to go to academies. Because the English is adopted as a second official language, the school is going to have more time to teach children English. The school will have more developed data to teach children more. Because the developed data are used for children to teach English, parents would decide that going to academies are not that helpful. So parents wouldn’t send their children to academies. That means the time and money is going to be saved. Also, children will save their time too. Because they don’t need to spend the amount of time they spent on learning English, they can spend their time doing something different.

Also, if we have to adopt a language as the second language, English would be it. Dr. Krashen said that mastering foreign language needs using the language by focusing on the meaning like learning the native language. Among a lot of languages, the term we learn English is longer than any other languages, and the learners who learn English are a lot. So it would be easy to learn and accept as a second language. So if we have to adopt a second language, English would be suitable for the second language.

For living in global world, Korean is not enough to use. Now, we are living in global world. We communicate and share a lot of ideas. But Korean is not enough to use in global world. Of course, Korean is very popular. But it is not more popular than English. For example, twitter or facebook are the most popular site which people communicate. If you visit twitter and facebook, you can see many people using English to communicate. Only small minority of people use other language. So, first of all we need a second language.

Alienated people would get a chance,too. Now, a lot of people invest their time and money to learn English like we feel English is our second language. But here, we see a small problem. Some people who are not in the environment where they can study are alienated. They might feel a sense of alienation that they can’t go to an academy and learn something new. If English is adopted as a second language, they would get more chance which means they are exposed to English more. By getting more chance, they wouldn’t feel alienated any more.

When we are playing on the world stage, we can elevate our competitive power. On the world stage, we have to communicate a lot. These days, some people have language barrier because they didn’t have enough education to communicate on the world stage. If one can’t communicate with many other different people, one might have less chance than other who can communicate with many other people. If we adopt English as our second language, there would be more chance to learn. If there is a lot of chances to learn, one can have more chance to play on the world stage than when one got less education. By playing on the world stage, our stage of action in economy will become wider. Also in many other categories, we can develop. It would be easier to realize our dream or goal. In 1999, a survey said that 54% of people wanted English to become the second language. This means a lot of people want to have a chance

Of course, our Korean might be unused because of adopting English, but it is not a problem. We just have to make sure that we can keep using Korean.

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