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The real of Dok do 2013-05-27 오전 2:04:00

Most of the Korean know Dok do is remarked 'Dok do' in the world map, but it's not real.

Government of Japan insist Dok do is Takeshima, their territory even tough the scholar and researcher's claim. Even, they remarked Dok do in Takeshima in the textbook of their children and teach them.

In 1950s, the 6.25 war, we became a colony of the Japan and then Dok do became a territory of the Japan without any basis. By this, the world map remarked Dok do in
Takeshima until 1960s. Then one day, in 1970, National Geographic remarked Dok do in 'Tok do' in Atlas of the World and wrote S.Korea in red letter at first. And then Britannica World Atlas also began to remark Dok do to the Korea's teeritory.

But in 2005, because of Japan's persistant opinion, Dok do became a territory without nationality. So we Korea insisted "Dok do is our territory!" strongly and struck over the world. But by the Japan's protest, we are still undergoing conflicts with them until nowadays.

Anyway, how many Korean do you think know the reason of this problem?
It is the reason of little interest to Dok do of Korean. Even, a number of Koreans don't know where is Dok do located in exactly and some who don't know that Dok do weren't remarked in Daedongyeojido which is the best map in Korea's history just insist "Dok do is our territory." These things are caused of this problem.

We have to inquire about this problem and think again.
And then, we have to insist "Dok do is our own territory!" confidently.

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