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The death of Queen Elizabeth II 2022-09-12 오후 4:10:00

Queen Elizabeth II recently passed away(September 8, 2022), and lots of people from all over the world mourned her death. The interesting part was that some people were glad about her death.

Especially the Irish people and Argentinians were glad about Queen Elizabeth's death. This is very contrasting, compared to people all over the world. What led to this kind of opposite reaction?

The Irish and Argentinians have suffered in the past because of Britain. The reason for this "mockery" would be because of what the British Queen represents. The Queen has reigned on the throne for almost 71 years. Although she didn't have any political power, she still was a huge influence on the world.

However, some people consider the Queen of Britain as representing imperialism. The Irish people and the Argentinian people's anger can be found here. Because of Britain's imperialism, Ireland suffered a lot like losing their language. People can no longer speak Gaelic because of British imperialism in the past. They still do teach Gaelic, but it isn't as widespread as it used to be. Argentinians have a similar past to Ireland regarding their relationship with Britain. An announcer/host actually popped a bottle of champagne in celebration of the Queen's death.

An interesting point is that the people from Hong Kong, who also went through British Imperialism, mourned the death of the Queen. Although Hong Kong was imperialized, the reactions differed because of special circumstances. The people of Hong Kong have positive images of Britain because they caused a lot of positive influences. The people from Hong Kong claim to stay as they are instead of being merged with China.

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