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Choi Min Jeong wins Gold Medal in Beijing Olympics 2022-02-16 오후 11:43:00

In the last short track game for 2022 Beijing Olympics, which was women 1000m match, Choi Min Jeong (Seongnam City Hall) won gold medal. Choi Min Jeong holds world record 2:14:354 in this Women 1000m event. Choi Min Jeong succeeded in wining gold medal in the same event for two consecutive olympics.

Choi Min Jeong failed to win a medal in women 500m match. In the women 1000m match Choi Min Jeong earned a silver medal. Also, in the women relay event, Choi Min Jeong earned her second silver medal. However, Choi Min Jeong was missing a gold medal. As a world top skater, this performance was not a satisfying record.

In the quater-final match and semi-final match, Choi Min Jeong finished the match as 1st place. In the finals, Choi Min Jeong succeeded in taking the first place early in the game and maintained her position. As a result, Choi Min Jeong was able to win her 3rd gold medal in her olympic career. This was her fifth medal including 2 gold medals from 2018 Pyeonchang Olympics and 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals in 2022 Beijing Olympics. Choi Min Jeong was able to finish this olympics successfully earning gold medal at her last match.

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