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RYU can do it 2017-05-02 오후 5:33:00

RYU come back! He finally delivered the news of victory. In May 1st, he won the game with 9 three strikes. He played 5.1 innings and gives only one point.
It was home game played with Philadelphia Phillies. The victory is more meaningful because he can`t victory for 973 days after the injury. In the middle, the number of pitches was 93, but he changed because the next batter has a good batting record. He was struggling with the speed of the ball since the operation of the surgery, but he proved his great condition and his previous pitches.
He usually pitched fast slider and fast ball. But he started to use curve and change up through this graph ( picture 2 )
He grew as picky pitcher through this changing.
However, the sad news came today. He was injured hips. Fortunately, it was a minor injury so he record into the 10 days injury chart.
Will he ever fly again? We think he will.

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