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Don''t get excited 2017-05-01 오후 7:06:00

One month passed to fast. But fortunately, Korean baseball season is playing continuously. A lot of things happen during one month passed. Among this happens, something serious things happened this month. The main issue is judge's refereeing vs players' restraint.
In April 28th, Lee Dae Soo who is play in Sk Wiberns got exit sign because of a strong protest. He thought that he hit by pitched ball but judge pronounced him a swing. So he claimed to judge but he didn't break his stubbornness. He cursed while he was walking into dugout. Finally, judge decided to get out him. Next, our big boy Lee Dae Ho also got out by judge. In April 29th, he hit ball.
He thought it is foul. But judge announced fair and he is out.
Lee claim violently. Lotte captain also claimed to judge. The referee did not change his mind in a rude manner. KBO said they are ready for two player's judgment of punishment.


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2017-05-09 오전 11:44:24
  I'd like to have some grammar corrections done for the article.
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