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Multilateral approach to climate change 2015-06-03 오후 9:40:00

An enormity of climate change can be quite daunting and dispiriting. Climate change is nearly irreversible and is currently taking place at quite a rapid rate. In order to handle such problem, it is crucial that each of us does on our own to slow down and reverse climate change. It is the each individual that has to take a closer look at current climate changes and find what can be done so as to resolve this impending issue.

The foremost measure would be to figure out both the long-term and the short-term solution that would effectively eliminate climate change. Considering that climate change is a long-term problem which is often prolonged for decades and even centuries, it is essential that we not only deal with approaching problems but also bear in mind the long-term goals as well. As we can speculate from Kyoto Protocol, reducing greenhouse gas emissions to safer level cannot be achieved within a short period of time. In other words, since an increase in the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere have stemmed from human activities including burning fossil fuels and land clearing, a change personal lifestyle in daily lives as a long-term measure, along with dealing with the immediate aftermath of damage caused by climate change would also be demanded in preventing such catastrophe.

Moreover, holding international conferences in order to discuss with climate experts and representatives of each country is also important in dealing with climate change. Although not all countries suffer damage from climate change, one evident fact is that no country is secured from radical climate change. Furthermore, since climate change Climate change is irreversible, unprecedented and lasting, it is undoubtedly an important issue that must be addressed by all nations multilaterally. Keeping in mind that responsibility of climatic matters lies equally on every country, discussions among the representatives would also be demanded.

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