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Abe, Discontinue to Distort the Comfort Women 2015-05-28 오후 8:44:00

Ecumenically famous Japanese history scholars signed about the history of military sexual slavery, on May 25th. They were 16 research and study organizations of Japanese history. They demanded to say stop distorting the history, to Abe. The scholars said they have a lot of data to prove the passed-history about military sexual slavery. Japanese scholars who participated in the signing of cooperation were 6,900. Abe have said that he and Japan will entrust Japanese history scholars with the problems about military sexual slavery. And just right after that, Japanese history scholars clarified their opinion which is opposite to Abe’s opinion. This warning from the scholars would be a big blow to Abe.
Meanwhile, the document about military sexual slavery has been raised to the status of national literature heritage in China. China said the document is invaluable because the victims are lying at death’s door.

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