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Tragic accident of refugees 2015-05-04 오후 5:31:00

Last April, there was a tragic accident of refugees resulting two hundred people’s death.
Sicilia island in Italy is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and famous for ocean vacation spot.
But because of ship containing refugees, people in Sicilia are suffering.
Why North African people migrate to Europe putting their lives in danger?
Mineo refugee camp in Italy said many people are suffering by poverty and terrified. Rich people treat poor people as slaves. Also there are disputes between North Africa and Middle Eastern countries because of religion conflicts. Many people in Sahara region leave their country and immigrate to Europe because of poverty, conflicts and economic problems and their government don’t take any measures. The ships they are using are not in good condition and are always overloaded. So people fight on the ship, and half of the people die in the Mediterranean Sea. Also people embarking next to the engine die by intoxicating. Because of this situation, Mediterranean Sea is now called Death Sea. Not only Mediterranean Sea, but some places are also called Death Sea in the world.

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