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Dog meat, is it a taboo? 2015-02-23 오후 9:31:00

Heard of dog meat? Or have you eaten it before…?
Heard of dog meat? Much to a lot of people’s surprise dog meat exists. We freak out at when we hear about cannibalism, or watch animal abuse. Have you ever thought of human’s best friends, dogs, to be eaten for their meat? The thought of it makes people shiver and causes people to gasp in shock even at the thought of it. In a country where animal abuse is so discouraged and prevented, dog meat is eaten as a dish and the slaughtering of dogs continue. China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam would be some countries where dog meat is eaten. Apart from these countries where they enjoy eating dog meat as a cuisine, some countries consider eating dog meat is a taboo.
Some people may argue saying, if we’re allowed to eat pork, beef, fish, why not dog meat? Are dogs superior compared to pigs, cows and fishes? The consumption of dog meat will continue to be an ongoing debate. Dogs have deep connections with humans, therefore this problem will continue to be an issue as dogs are the most popular pet humans prefer keeping.
Organizations fighting against animal abuse and animal rights are taking action fighting against dog mean consumption, torture, caging of dogs, and much more. Are you one of the consumers of dog meat?

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