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Obama's second visit to India 2015-01-25 오후 10:28:00

On January 25, Obama made his second visit to India during his presidency to work with the nation into progress on climate change. Obama was the first American leader who made more than one visit to India, which made this trip more meaningful. Since 2013, India’s relationship with the US plummeted as the Indian deputy consul general, then was arrested over allegations that she lied on her visa forms to bring her maid to the US.
However ever since Modi, India’s current prime minister, took office as the prime minister, the two nation’s relationship improved and therefore the two nations are currently working on India’s climate agreement. Obama is said to hoping that Modi would agree to the carbon to curb carbon emissions and make some changes to the liability legislation in India so that US companies can start capitalizing on the civil nuclear agreement they had made in 2008.
Despite Modi having some difficult history with the US in the past regarding his visa, it is a good sign that Modi is embracing the US and show his willingness in working out business with them. It is much of a positive sign that India and the U.S are showing signs of cooperation.

아시아 퍼시픽 국제외국인학교
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