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Coffee: Telling us Economy. 2014-10-05 오후 11:29:00

If I compare you to coffee, which kind of coffee would you be?
According to Coffee Psychology-test, we can know what kind of person you are by your choice of coffee. Americano means ‘calm’, ‘caution’, and people who can enjoy small happiness in life, Espresso means affinity and adaption, Latte means considerable, and creation for Cappuccino etc.

What’s the origin of coffee? There are lots of presumptions about birth of coffee, some botanists insists that In Ethiopia, coffee beans were food at first, but some doctors discovered the positive effects of beans on stomach and coffee turned from food to beverages.

Since that, coffee became prime tea, one of the most people love all over the world, and our life is surrounded with smell of coffee. According to a research asking average drinking of coffee a day, 4~5 cups was about 65.1%, 3~4 was 21%, and 9% for 1~2 cups, and this telling us we are really attracted by coffee.

Growth of domestic charge of quantity of coffee shops is also rapid. By the current state of coffee chain stores in Korea, Starbucks are 236, Hollys Coffees are 132, Coffee Beans are 115, and Angel in us coffee reached 102.

However there are some disputes about coffee. Typical argument is about a price. By one research which price would be proper, 2~3 dollar was 42.6% and 2~1 dollar charged 30.3%. But how the coffees prices are? They are almost 4~5 dollars, and one dollars more if we add some toppings.
This is due to the Value Chain. By the Value chain (harvest- refinement- export- ship- distribution- roasting- rap- redistribution- extraction- drink), benefits of retail trader get higher and higher despite customers prices get higher, and also the price of product area gets low pay and user pay much expensive. This is being disputed as fair trade.

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