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Larva, a famous cartoon about two caterpillars 2013-05-17 오후 11:55:00

Recently, it has been a golden age for Larva, a humorous cartoon. Larva was a cartoon about two caterpillars, Red and Yellow. Mostly, the story was about doing whatever it takes to eat some food. Yes, Larva 2 has recently begun, but that’s not the great part of Larva. Which raises the question: ‘What makes Larva so famous?’

First of all, because larva was worth watching, lots of buses in Seoul have afforded TV monitors that played Larva. That way, lots of people got to know Larva in such a short time.

Second of all, Larva soon became world-famous; lots of foreign countries’ companies have come to buy Larva. Larva has already earned 600 billion won.

Third of all, there is a Larva parody mobile game called ‘Larvalink’. It was suggested by Tooba Entertainment (Larva’s company) and Cocaban on May 3th.

In conclusion, Larva is now world-famous. It is shown on Seoul’s buses; lots of foreign companies are going to buy it, earned 600 billion won, and there is a parody game named Larvalink. Now, Larva 2 is shown on KBS 1TV on every Saturday.

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