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Social Increased exposure of LGBTQ characters in Disney Asia Pacific International School
No Image Although the title states said Disney, it is a trend that can be seen in lots of movies, animations, and etc. LGBTQ+ characters are appearing more and more. To list some examples, "Thor: Love and Thunder", "Steven Universe", "Buzz Lightyear", "Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness" contain LGBTQ+ c...
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Social How to Relieve Anxiety Disorder St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
Anxiety disorder is designated as one of the serious mental illnesses that people may go through by being concerned more than necessary. One of the fundamental causes for anxiety disorder would be having too much stress and pressure from studying or work. Discerning relevant symptoms of anxiety diso...
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Social What Differentiates Humans From Other Animals: A R St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
Humans are classified as animals, technically as highly intelligent animals. Animals possess emotions, and this makes them interact with others. Therefore, animals can form bonds in their communities to protect themselves or forage for survival. In other words, the common denominator between humans ...
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Social Music And Its Lingering Power St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
Many listen to music and enjoy it. Throughout human history, music has been there. Whether studying or working, we sometimes listen to music to help us keep focused and motivated. Subsequent scientific research has proven the positive impact of music on individual lives. This article delineat...
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Social Contemplation About Humanity St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
The foundational spirit of the United Nations is based on humanity. Likewise, justice and impartiality are closely related to the concept of humanity. They exist to foster the affirmative impact of humanity. This article presents the forms of humanity in our society and ways to consolidate t...
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Social A Virtuous Behavior: Courage St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
Some may think about special activities or actions when the word “courage” comes up in their minds. Some may claim that not everyone is courageous, but it would be reasonable to say that anyone can indeed be courageous. In this article, we are about to seek the ways how individuals could be ...
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Social Mind Control St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
Often enough, we can hear the term “mind control” and its importance when confronting big events. Several renowned psychologists have actually argued that implementing proper mind controls does work in order to lessen the pressure and ease stress. With respect to the boundary of mind control, this ...
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Social What Shall Be Justice? St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
Individuals do argue about justice, especially when they confront unreasonable situations, and society has been striving to formulate a better world which can ensure justice, perhaps directly related to freedom. Numerous different definitions can refer to the word of justice when looking at diverse ...
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Social What Fashion Means Today St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
We wear clothes, and the way people interpret wearing clothes has been drastically changed. In the past, wearing something was considered mandatory. In contrast, as time passed, people started to obtain diverse aspects with respect to wearing clothes, and indeed, such aspects have catered to create ...
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Social Qualities To Become A Competitive CEO St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
Modern society is highly paying attention to the qualities of a leader. Concurrently, individuals, for the sake of becoming better men, try to put effort into cultivating such qualities. The existence of firms is attributed to its willingness to provide products and services for those in need. A wel...
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