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Social The Double-sidedness of Technology Development 김포외국어고등학교
Development of modern technology has made our lives convenient in many ways. With advanced technology, we are able to live high quality lives. However, modern technology has brought problems such as environment pollution and human alienation. In my opinion, human isolation caused by technological de...
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Social Incheon Overseas Chinese Story Gallery 천진국제학교(TIS)
Oversea Chinese are Chinese who moved to and settled down in other countries such as Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, or Peru; or their descendants. The unique thing about oversea Chinese is that they do not accept or follow the foreign culture, even though they live in foreign places. Therefore, they fo...
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Social What is Avian Influenza? 남수원중학교
AI, known as Avian Influenza, is an infection appears by influenza virus of birds. For many years, many people thought that this infection only affect birds. However, it was not. It could affect human deadly. Human can infected to this influenza through excrements of birds like chickens, ducks, an...
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Social The importance of 6.10 pro-democracy movement 남수원중학교
June 10th, 2017 is a special and valuable day to Korea. Today is 30th anniversary of 6.10 pro-democracy movement. So in Korea, many people honor people who participated in the 6.10 pro-democracy movement. And why do we honor and remember people who participated the movement? Why is this movement i...
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Social Ordinary people, Innovative than the Entrepreneurs 기전여자고등학교
No Image How did the Collective intelligence change our economy? Maybe you have an experience of writing an online comment after buying stuffs on a board. This can also be led to collective intelligence! In other words, only after writing a comment can change the economy! So how? In the past, corporat...
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Social Keyboard Warriors and Online Manners 김포외국어고등학교
Recently in Korea, many celebrities have been suffering from the attack of ‘keyboard warriors.’ These ‘keyboard warriors’ are people who post extremely rude comments online, which are very offensive. Celebrities who experience this tend to go through a lot of distress. Because of this, they get ment...
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Social Collective Intelligence and Communication 기전여자고등학교
No Image Nowadays, the general public makes new information and they are affecting the currents in our society hugely. They not only produce information but also solve the problems that experts failed. The individuals think, and take action based on it, and that leads to the development of the whole corporat...
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Social Animal companions and social etiquettes 기전여자고등학교
No Image One of the residents in an apartment in Jeonju, Lee, got disappointed when he looked at a notice board. It said ‘animal companions supervision needed strictly’, and the main contents were that those who violate the rules of keeping their dogs quiet, or holding their pets up inside the apartment comp...
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Social Consumers and Rural Society Meets! 화성청계초등학교
From November 11th to 13th, Hwasung city held a big festival in Hwasung, Geonggi province. It was Hwasung 햇살드리 festival. This festival is held to inform Hwasung’s local food brand, 햇살드리. In this festival, people can buy many local foods, and also learn about GMO (Genetically Manipulated Organism). V...
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Social The villain of the air has appeared! FINE DUST! 화성청계초등학교
Autumn is a good season to play outdoors! The weather is so good that makes us ride bikes, go camping, and other fun activities! However, there is one problem which makes you disappointed, and cancels some of your outdoor activities. It is not a typhoon, rain, or earthquakes. It is fine dust! ...
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