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Increased exposure of LGBTQ characters in Disney 2022-07-26 오후 11:33:00

Although the title states said Disney, it is a trend that can be seen in lots of movies, animations, and etc. LGBTQ+ characters are appearing more and more. To list some examples, "Thor: Love and Thunder", "Steven Universe", "Buzz Lightyear", "Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness" contain LGBTQ+ characters.
These LGBTQ+ characters have no purpose in the story(no offense intended). As far as I observed, The fact that the character is LGBTQ+ does not affect the story.

LGBTQ+ is shown in short moments of the film. For instance, from the movie "Buzz lightyear", A brief kiss between 2 females is shown. That was the reason why the movie was banned in some countries.

This continuing trend has very contradicting view. I plan to check out both sides.


LGBTQ+ characters in media depicts the minority who hasn't had a chance until now. It is similar to black characters. In animations and movies from the past, there was hardly any black or colored people. However, they are being represented these days. This situation is similar.
People who are LGBTQ+ are represented so that they don't regard themselves as abnormal or weird. They are different, but that doesn't mean they are bad.


Some people get sick of it. The continuous exposure to LGBTQ+ characters does not seem like a good strategy to me. The purpose was to make people accept LGBTQ+ as natural, but people just get sick of it, and that leads to negative feelings.

Some people dislike LGBTQ+ in movies because it is related to PC. Political Correctness, PC for short, has a big influence on this. The initial thought of caring for the minority and thinking in different perspectives is very idealistic, but it has its shortcomings. A lot of short comings, I would say.

Nowadays complements like "you're pretty" or "your handsome" should be avoided because it might coerce the person receiving the complement to act that way(In this case, to stay pretty).
According to PC advocates.

I am not homophobic, but I do feel a bit uncomfortable seeing all these LGBTQ+ characters on screen.
It just seems so artificial, to keep on including LGBTQ+ characters. "Steven Universe", a U.s. cartoon by Rebecca Sugar did a wonderful job on this topic, because the animation included LGBTQ+ elements in a fashionable matter. I didn't feel any awkwardness watching the show, and I think that is an aspect movies and animations should have.

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