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What Differentiates Humans From Other Animals: A R 2022-01-25 오후 1:06:00

Humans are classified as animals, technically as highly intelligent animals. Animals possess emotions, and this makes them interact with others. Therefore, animals can form bonds in their communities to protect themselves or forage for survival. In other words, the common denominator between humans and other animals would be that they have emotions. Nonetheless, this article delineates the specific factor differentiating humans from other animals.
The factor is not complicated but straightforward: rationale. Humans can think, and for that reason, we can learn from experiences and envision improving our circumstances. Logical thinking, so to speak, can empower us to accomplish great things. Logics would be the precise element that differentiates humans from other animals.
We can devise desirable solutions to overcome difficulties based on implementing logical analysis. Accordingly, we have naturally placed ourselves at the top of the food chain. We have kept pondering how to locate and produce food efficiently for generations, and to attain what we want, we have progressed by developing technologies. By taking advantage of advanced technologies that we have invented, we have been making and finding food sources and establishing communities where there are laws and regulations to govern many people.
Because we can think and pose reasoning, we have developed ethical, or moral, senses to guarantee human rights for all individuals regardless of their races, religions, and genders. We have begun to spread the virtue of presenting respect for others and creating worthwhile values such as patience, passion, and dedication from this belief.
We carry a rationale that distinguishes us from other animals, and this possibly casts the following implication. We need to take responsibility for the world. We have indeed exploited natural resources and emitted tons of greenhouse gases into the air for the sake of our convenience and well-being. However, we know that these actions may harm other animals, especially those living in the wild. Thus, it would be our obligation to enact and follow specific rules to protect nature and care for endangered animals.

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