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Music And Its Lingering Power 2021-12-24 오후 1:57:00

Many listen to music and enjoy it. Throughout human history, music has been there. Whether studying or working, we sometimes listen to music to help us keep focused and motivated. Subsequent scientific research has proven the positive impact of music on individual lives. This article delineates the power of music for individuals.
When we look at the standpoint of composers, music is the place where they can fully express their creativity. Composers have many things to consider, from playing the music scores to writing down lyrics. They need to adjust tunes to convey certain sounds. Also, they need to set the theme of music and what messages they would like to deliver for the audience. Likewise, the entire procedure to create songs as a composer requires creative skills. When he observes the audience satisfied with his music, he is likely to feel rewarded, and such a feeling would enable him to compose songs continually.
The impact of music is especially significant for listeners. One of the traits of music is that it confers messages to society. Because there is an unlimited range of topics discussed in music, such as social issues and human relationships, music presents various emotions attached to them. Thus, listeners can feel such emotions directly and grasp particular lessons by understanding the purpose of music. Music may also lead individuals to believe in or exercise crucial philosophies. Not limited to this, music invigorates people in depression. The exciting rhythm and beats can make people feel energetic. In the end, the impact of music on the lives of individuals is profound.
Music empowers people to act, and this is the precise reason why the national anthem exists. A national anthem encourages people to practice humanitarian values and helps the public form a cohesive bond to overcome difficulties. For instance, civilians may create a representative song to go through turmoil before revolutions. Songs incorporate distinct beliefs of people and demonstrate their indomitable wills to change the world.
Beyond the contents discussed in this essay, the power of music is more significant and long-lasting. The power of music is enough to alter people’s perspectives, preferences, and beliefs. Therefore, this article believes that it is vital for society to analyze the impact of music further.

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