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A Virtuous Behavior: Courage 2021-10-21 오후 5:02:00

Some may think about special activities or actions when the word “courage” comes up in their minds. Some may claim that not everyone is courageous, but it would be reasonable to say that anyone can indeed be courageous. In this article, we are about to seek the ways how individuals could be courageous as well as the benefits of courageous behaviors.
In order to have a sense of courage, individuals need to have a purpose. They need to have a single goal that they are likely to sacrifice something to achieve it. If you want to become a lawyer and try to get into a law school for that, for instance, you should definitely spend a great deal of time studying instead of enjoying leisure activities. In this case, spending time on leisure activities would be a factor that you need to sacrifice. At the same time, having “a virtuous purpose” would be desirable. Otherwise, you might go off the right track and fall into certain traps which will make your life difficult. To attain the right purpose in your life, you need to have “knowledge,” “experiences,” and most importantly, “right life philosophies.” These three factors are interdependent, affecting one another in mutual relationships. Therefore, based on the aforementioned criteria for the purpose, you can be closer to having courage.
The application of courage varies. It can be subjected to an individual, a community, or the entire world. No matter how large the scale of it would be, acting in courage would be a help and motivation for others. From sacrificing oneself to save colleagues on the battlefield to telling the truth to save others’ lives, there are numerous examples that can demonstrate the shape of courage. Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit of courage can be found in humanity. Courage can surely consolidate the concept of humanity, giving a true lesson for a single individual that the act based on courage helps not only others but you. Furthermore, when trivial actions upon courage get combined altogether, they would turn into inspiration or motivation for the global society: people from other countries can also have the same delightful, hopeful messages, encouraging others to have more courageous behavior. Then, this virtuous cycle will keep running, forming a more desirable community.
As previously mentioned, the most significant prerequisite to having courage is realization. Individuals need to be aware that they can be courageous as well as other great men have demonstrated in the past. Hence, as long as we put courage into our minds and we are not afraid of exercising courage, we can be certainly courageous for ourselves and humanity.

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