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Mind Control 2021-09-24 오후 7:53:00

Often enough, we can hear the term “mind control” and its importance when confronting big events. Several renowned psychologists have actually argued that implementing proper mind controls does work in order to lessen the pressure and ease stress. With respect to the boundary of mind control, this article is about to delineate the two reasons why mind control may be significant for individuals.
Mind control, first of all, is important in order to stay calm, and this peacefulness makes individuals get out of fear. It may seem natural for humans to feel anxiety in front of uncertainty. As people think that chances of failure increase, they are inclined to feel more fear. As a result, in vulnerable conditions where people are exposed to negative emotions, people might make unreasonable decisions. And, sometimes, such decisions could instigate other lingering pessimistic outcomes. Once this vicious cycle keeps going on, it would be harder for individuals to get out of this dampness. That is the precise reason why people need to control their minds. In order for humans to maintain on track of rationality, controlling their own minds is important. Needless to mention huge events, the mechanism of mind control can be applicable for most students. Students, particularly those facing important exams, should better focus on the current moment, solving the questions and blocking distraction outside. Because daily conditions and mood can severely affect the performance on tests, it would be critical for students to control their minds in order to remain concentrating. So long as students can soothe anxiety and fear during the test, they could receive a much better outcome at the end of the test.
Second, mind control is significant since it is highly related to health concerns. It is no wonder why stressed people tend to have more diseases compared to healthy people. What I mean by saying healthy people is the people who can maintain composure in their minds, even in the midst of hardships. According to numerous statistical data and research, it has been proven that mind control can act as a remedy to deal with stresses and pressures. In fact, executing mind control has an effect in terms of relieving stress and instilling more endorphins in human brains. Conclusively, humans equipped with mind controls can excel in their fields compared to others who just receive all the stresses directly. In the absence of mind control, a detrimental effect by directly having stress might occur, and as people get older, there is a higher probability that they will be exposed to various diseases.
To sum up, the aforementioned content, mind control is essential for humans to maintain the right path when making decisions and to stay healthy even during daunting periods. If an individual wants to accomplish a bigger success, therefore, it would be reasonable for him or her to practice applying mind control in their work. There are various methods of practicing mind control, and it would be best for individuals to find the one which suits their personalities.

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