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Teaching Is Learning 2021-08-23 오후 11:29:00

Experts or professionals are the ones who fully commit themselves into teaching for others. Likewise, teaching requires professional knowledge or expertise in specific fields. In this article, we will delve ourselves into analyzing what ramifications teaching can spur for the one who teaches and for the one who receives it.
First of all, there is a prerequisite in order to teach others. One must spend a great deal of time studying and fully absorbing specific contents. In this sense, we can conclude that the preparation for teaching equips one to be more mature in terms of intellectual levels. Reading textbooks or relevant articles from journals and online sources would be essential steps for one who would like to teach others. A certain depth into seeking knowledge and a mindset to dissect broad pictures into smaller ones are also necessary as well. For that reason, one can naturally enhance or build up further logics, ideas, and concepts before starting to teach others. When one gets used to performing such procedures, he or she will stand as a professional in his or her field.
Second, in the midst of exercising teaching, one can also learn from others. Suppose he is teaching academic knowledge for his students. In an active environment where discussion is freely going on, there must be times when he learns something from his students. Usually, such learning can be trivials but profound. Since humans do possess different perspectives in specific agendas or issues, there must be some aspects that he, as a teacher, might have not recognized. Thus, gathering ideas and thoughts from students, he can grab some lessons or parts that he missed while preparing for teaching materials. When this virtuous cycle keeps going on and on, a teacher can learn from his or her students, perhaps by seizing some significant lessons as well. Furthermore, students can be there as motivations or inspirations for a teacher to further step for his or her dream or accomplishment. In a sense, both the preparation for teaching and behavior teaching can be fully helpful for a teacher.
Third, during the process of teaching or after the lectures get over, a teacher has a chance to develop his or her calibers more. In most cases, this comes from the feedback from surrounding individuals. As discussed above, because we do have different senses and perceptions toward the same concept, by receiving proactive feedback from others, a teacher or an expert has an opportunity to further strengthen his or her knowledge. This can truly act as a cornerstone for a teacher to be fully on the right path. Therefore, holistically, the process of teaching can be concluded as a process of learning in the end. In the near future, when more people decide to teach, they will definitely reckon that they always learn something from teaching, and this will lead the society to reach a brighter prospect.

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