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What Shall Be Justice? 2021-07-20 오전 4:17:00

Individuals do argue about justice, especially when they confront unreasonable situations, and society has been striving to formulate a better world which can ensure justice, perhaps directly related to freedom. Numerous different definitions can refer to the word of justice when looking at diverse aspects, but the common denominator would be “treating humans in the same or equal ways.” That is, regardless of religions, races, and cultures, humans should treat others in impartial deeds. In this article, we will delve into discussing the following mechanisms: what can justify justice, an effective way to expand just society, and what should be expected for the future.
First and foremost, the visible trait of justice can be attributed to consideration for others. Humans, due to insurmountable reasons, may inhibit behaviors which can negatively impact on others’ lives. In order to prevent such outcomes, society has constructed “laws” and “regulations.” Only if you fully follow the designated norm, which highlights harming others cannot be justified, your freedom and justice can be guaranteed as well. From this scenario, we can conclude the most tangible form of justice, and that is, you should never interfere with others’ lives in order for you to obtain justice. Vice versa, this argument can be translated as the following: you cannot seriously argue about justice if you do not exhibit the behavior of respect for others.
The perpetual duration of justice may be feasible within the implementation of proper education which can enhance civic consciousness of the public. Indeed, justice is nothing complicated but straightforward, and for that reason, it is, at the same time, easily breakable. That would precisely be relevant to the important role of education. Proper education when being provided for the youth can be utilized as a tool to inspire justice in the communities. It not only helps students grab the significance of just society but also motivates others to act upon justice. Good education can further cultivate youth to be better adults who can implement reasonable thinking when they encounter unjust circumstances. Non governmental organizations or governments alongside with school curriculum can also bestow affirmative impacts on the true meaning of justice for students and members of the society.
Society should be aware of the sense that justice must remain. There is no doubt that everyone’s human rights should be guaranteed in the name of “justice.” In this respect, humans have been striving to attain just environments in the assumption that everyone will be equal. Nonetheless, though surrounding communities have kept telling the importance of justice, it is doubtful whether the society has fully accepted the concept of justice and acts upon the principle underlying in justice. One further implication hidden can be phrased like this as well. We live in a world of democracy, but the impact of capitalism on how we behave is considerable. Sometimes, the instilled thought of capitalism is so huge that individuals tend to forget what is important in front of them. In order for us to prevent unequivocal dangers of capitalism and to commit the full exercise of democratic communities, we should delicately take the concept of justice and ponder how we can contribute our capabilities to establish a better world.
An equal opportunity for competition has been on the rise in these days Korean society. Young people, especially those looking to be employed, blame the social structure and meritocracy for the fact that society is neglecting young generations. Inequality can frequently happen, but inequality in seizing opportunities may never be justified. To vitalize the national and international economy, it is time for the society and communities to fully address relevant issues with respect to justice.

St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
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