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What Fashion Means Today 2021-06-15 오후 4:20:00

We wear clothes, and the way people interpret wearing clothes has been drastically changed. In the past, wearing something was considered mandatory. In contrast, as time passed, people started to obtain diverse aspects with respect to wearing clothes, and indeed, such aspects have catered to create accessories and jewelry as well. Though the category is still the same, clothing, currently, the way we see this category is vast. In this article, we are about to dig into what fashion possibly indicates in today’s society.
Fashion, needless to mention, should fit into the atmosphere. Depending on circumstances, there are certain types of clothes you should wear. In meetings and conferences, you’d better wear formal clothes. In informal parties or when hanging out with friends, it is recommended that you wear casual clothes. Likewise, depending on the environment and surroundings, there are “suitable clothes” you should wear.
Fashion can efficiently represent you. What I mean by saying “efficiently” indicates the fact that only wearing clothes can entirely change the first impression of you. That is the reason why people tend to suit up before encountering important counterparts. A good and neat clothe can undoubtedly improve positive feelings towards you. Such a characteristic of fashion can lead to the conclusion that fashion can also present your personalities or traits. People can instantly and intuitively notice what kinds of a person you would be just by taking a glimpse at you, mostly paying attention to what you are wearing. Not limited to this, fashion is a useful tool to represent your mood at certain periods. If you are about to express in depth seriousness, you’d better wear dark and gray clothes, for instance. If you want to express yourself full of joy or happiness, you are recommended to wear bright colored clothes. Indeed, as discussed in this paragraph, fashion can efficiently represent you.
The word of fashion, for some, is equivalent to showing off socio-economic status. While most agree that a reasonable price of clothing with high quality plus good looking is the best choice, others argue that high and luxury brands of clothing are the best to declare their socio-economic status. Simply wearing luxury brands of clothes, in most cases, you do not need to say mouthful amounts of words to perhaps indicate how rich you are. Of course, this perception is in progress of altering, but still, some incorporate and consider the fact mentioned above.
Fashion could be utilized as a tool to enhance cohesion and unification. Wearing similar or the same types of clothes, in corporations, people are likely to feel a more sense of unification among members. It has been proven by numerous statistical data that the productivity of employees tends to be increased in the midst of harmony, and that harmony can be created by wearing the same clothes as well.
The capacity of applying the mechanism of different fields into the art of fashion is truly infinite. Therefore, it would be worth further discussing the impact of fashion in modern society.

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