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A New Platform For Businessman 2021-06-14 오후 4:45:00

Recently, the launching of a new networking app called Clubhouse was greeted with a huge fervor among iPhone users — definitely not an exaggeration considering that it was downloaded by nearly two million people around the globe. This app, developed by Elon Musk, functions based on an “audio-chat” system, providing services that are somewhere in the middle of texting and calling. When invited by a previous app user, a new Clubhouse member can sign in and host conversation rooms, listen to discussions, and engage in a live discussion by raising a hand to be a speaker. The rooms are categorized under a wide variety of overarching topics, including technology, literature, music, sports, etc., and the Clubhouse offers user-specific recommendations based on the data about individuals’ interests. By interacting with people who have related interests or similar career backgrounds, users are able to form mutually beneficial relationships, entertain themselves, and educate themselves with useful information.

Given that some popular topics revolve around the area of business growth and entrepreneurship, such an interactive pool of people with similar passions can serve as a useful tool for especially those in the business industry. Rooms dedicated to certain business industries offer priceless opportunities for business owners to make new connections and thereby build their network at a global level. Before the sudden popularity of the Clubhouse, global level meetings among people in related business industries were seldom, and businessmen were limited to the regional or national stage when expanding their network. Now that they are introduced to the Clubhouse, they can host and join an unlimited number of meetings at any time — day or night — and encounter new people through whom they can branch out their business ideas.

Even for startup companies, the Clubhouse is a practical platform for freely sharing their concerns and listening to other constructive opinions from experienced individuals. Although the speakers’ names are indicated below the profile picture, the absence of the video function in conversation rooms somewhat adds to the anonymity of the speakers. The informality of Clubhouse meetings creates a platform for entrepreneurs to be more honest and focused during the discussions, rather than being intimidated by how their business ideas would be perceived by others.

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