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The Lingering Impact of Executing Soft Power 2020-11-23 오후 3:14:00

Globalization is prevalent, and due to such a phenomenon, individuals naturally have a chance to know other cultures from different nations. Indeed, it is hard to deny the power of culture for the culture tends to bestow perpetual impacts on individual minds. With respect to such a topic, Harvard University professor Joseph Nye once argued the concept of “Hard Power” and “Soft Power.” Hard Power, according to the designated definition by Joseph Nye, is an external power a nation is willing to implement: military actions, economic sanctions, and other ramifications instigated by external sources could be illustrations. Being grounded on hard power, a nation is inclined to present its superior aspects for the purpose of attaining interests. Obviously, such a concept had been applicable until the end of 20th century since the majority of nations were dependent on military actions in order to gain their purposes. Albeit maintaining the validity of hard power in some regions, the eternal impacts of applying hard power are in questions in modern society.
The professor Joseph Nye expounded on a different concept titled as “Soft Power.” Soft Power, by its definition, is a cultural or internal power executed by a nation. Main categories in relation to soft power are the following: positive cultural impacts and presenting affirmative national images. The very purpose of both hard and soft power is the same for the ultimate purpose of a nation is to elicit an economic interest. However, multifaceted aspects within soft power are completely different in comparison to those within hard power. Via deploying concepts of soft power, a nation would like to attract various resources from other countries. One might carefully take the case of Korea in order to prove a certain part of executing soft power. BTS, a Korean boy group formed by BigHit Entertainment, has published numerous hit songs, enlisting several of them on Billboard charts. Accordingly, lots of organizations, government, communities, and individuals from other countries began to pay attention to the movement of BTS: in the midst of such a procedure, they even started to have an interest in Korean culture. The public, after being interested in Korean culture, started to experience and purchase Korean products. As a result, the Korean government has concluded that BTS has been a big help in terms of bringing out the consequence of an increased Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
The world is conferring its spotlight on the potentials of soft power. The public tends to be mesmerized by affirmative images or the environment that specific nations present. Indeed, the usage of principles in alignment with soft power are not only applicable to enhance economic growth but also valid in terms of resolving conflicts among nations. Not limited to these, the practice of soft power could also reveal its efficacy when certain nations would like to address or declare global issues. Furthermore, the terminology public policy has stemmed from soft power. Public policy, in straightforward explanations, indicates a policy for the purpose of spurring and spreading national cultural power to other governments or institutions. So far, the importance of exercising the public policy has been incremental, and even lots of students want to major in public policy, public relations, or international relations for their prospective careers.
Soft Power may sound somewhat a force lacking of power compared to Hard Power. Nonetheless, individuals can reckon positive influence of soft power anywhere, thereby governmental bodies are establishing additional departments in order to increase the efficiency of utilizing soft power. Thus, it is time for individuals to recognize the significance of soft power, and the first step to do so would be polishing civil consciousness. As citizens in nations show love toward their nations, the scale of soft power is likely to be built up.

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